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2015/16 Committee members and they're Predecessors
The most elusive evening of the Opsoc calender.. the summer eyeball! This was my first one and I'd been waiting a long time to go to one of these. So I had to have the perfect dress, the perfect make-up, the perfect evening! But ha, is my life ever that simple. The day of the ball arrives, almost like a blink of an eye, I have no dress. Shock horror. I called mum. It's times like these I'm so glad I didn't go too far, I'm a family girl after all. She, as always was on it. I spent the previous evening planning how I wanted this dress to look. It was one of mums old ones and she found it somewhere in her heart to let me hack it up. That's love right thurr. Mum arrives in quick speed, with a boot full of sewing gear. She may as well of had a cape on too for that matter.

A 3hr turn around later, I had a dress and a friend coming over to do my make-up. We're back on track, man have I ever felt so pampered. I sat in my office chair for a good 2hrs before my face was done and my bum was numb! G got every single tiny blemish I had (and one huge purple one!) and completely disguised them all, giving me a natural glow and added an extra 7hrs sleep to my skin. Ever grateful, thank you! A quick rustling of fingers through hair and, pff, that'll have to do. Too excited, we're off!

The taxi pulled up to City hall, a gorgeous venue, great choice boys! All of our events are run by the social secs who are elected in by members, the results were a big item on the evenings programme. We'd just had the end of our committee elections, so tonight was the night. Nerves was not the word! The competition was fierce and everyone was eager to find out the polls. It was a great evening, the food was lovely. I had a simple tomato & basil soup to start, a gorgeous crisp veggie tart and thick, creamy cheesecake for dessert. Wine on tables and the drinks we're flowing from the bar. An epic vodka fluge in the foyer and flapper girls dancing. 1920's themed, nailed. Mid-meal the Only Optoms Aloud! choir made their second appearance of the academic year. It was great, we had a Jessie J solo, a classic Welsh hymn (Great effort from all the different nations trying to pronounce welsh here, some hilarious rehearsals.) and a mashup! Awards done, elections announced, there was a surprise casino waiting outside for us and the Dj began. There were also staff that got dolled up, looking gorgeous and out with us students that night! Optometry is such a tight knit degree of like minded people and Cardiff is definitely the place to be.

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