Cardiff's Hidden Gem


If your anything like me, a city dweller who loves the hustle and bustle of 'fast living'. Studying, Socialising, working, partying, cramming and stressing. You'll know how good it feels to get out every now and then and be in nature. I crave the calm relaxing vibes of still waters, I'm not sure what it is, but something about staring out over the lake sooths me. Some people look at me strangely when I say I just need to be around water right now, while they're rushing off for a drink or some other indulgence, but I'll be right there with you for a cheeky glass of red.. just after I've visited my favourite place, Roath.

A couple nights ago I had a really restless evening stressing about one of my modules, I drank, what you could say was one too many coffees in the late hours, *cough 7* which needless to say didn't quite lull me off to sleep like lavender and lullabies. My eyes felt like they were sellotaped open and I was wired. Don't try this at home kids. Seriously. 6am rolled by and I've always wanted to see the sunrise over this lake. Finally! I took this opportunity, adorned my sweats and took an obligatory snap, to my story, send. Ha.

I'm not going to show you the best bits, because that's for you to find for yourself. It really is something magical and everybody I've guided to this wonderland is shocked, 'It feels like we're not even in Cardiff anymore,' There's a conservatory with cute sun bathing turtles, fluorescent flowers and beautiful water pieces. A rose garden, which makes me feel like I've gone to visit the queen of hearts. And a quaint little cafe perched on the side of the lake, which boasts 'The best view in Cardiff.' Have to say I couldn't agree more. Just above the cafe is a viewing platform, adjacent to the white lighthouse peaking at the end of the lake. The ducks and gracious swans flutter by your eye line and the bright reflecting ripples of light bounce off the water and chase each other towards you. A poem dedication plaque I discovered for the first time, managed to sum up the magic I felt from Roath better than I could myself. 'Nobody else will get to see, the waves that lived their lives just for me.'

Roath Park Lake
Lake Road East,
Cardiff CF23 5PG
Open 7:30 - 30minutes before sunset

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