Cardiff seems to be rife with pop up food shacks and hipster eats this summer and following the massive success of winter, the Depot has returned! Once you step into the not so refurbished, more ornate warehouse, you're immediately taken into another world. Is this the diff? Damn straight. One tweeter hit the nail on the head. '@RaggedyRachel Ever feel like your not quite cool enough to be somewhere?' Hahaha, I'm right there with you! It's a beautiful mix of rustic, retro, artsy and cool.  

On Dumballs road, just 10 minutes behind central station you'll find the Depot. Filled with various different food stalls averaging around £6 a portion, you can't really go wrong. The lamb mince kebab (£5.50) from Taste of Persia was delicious. The meat was cooked just perfectly, very juicy and extremely moreish. The salad was fresh and a generous fill, then topped with a cooling yogurt and 'hot' chili sauce. Could have done with a little more fire, but then I like the kick intensity of a small volcano....

Next we hit up the @phillycheese Steak Co. 'Inspired by Man Vs Food' Well I probably should have taken the hint. Being that this was my second dish too... wow. This thing was huge. They offered up slow cooked beef with fried onions and melted mozzarella cheese, all stuffed into a giant hot dog bap. I was imagining a pulled pork style meat, but instead got more dry pastrami like shreds. So in some senses I was disappointed, but having said that what I did receive was lovely. Not quite the teeth sinking, juicy bite I was looking for but pleasant all the same. The open flat top griddle was a nice touch to see it being prepared, a real mans meal here!

I am of course going back for that elusive teeth sinking steak burger, in brioche buns ... aww yes.
A great place for a few drinks in a chill out venue with a myriad of snacks; Depot is worth a visit. Something new with such a radiant atmosphere, just that and beyond. 

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