Dinner At The Circus


The perfect blend of Londonesque design and decor with concrete Cardiff prices. We're nestled under the train tracks, surrounded in fairy lights and festival tents in this street food circus playing ground. Wow, have they got this right. It's almost as if they uprooted the food courts of Glasto and dumped them behind the ever so fitting No Fit State Circus camp. But before we go any further, it's time for some dirty talk.. Creme Brulee. Oh yes. This is so good on so many levels. It's just, like AH! You want comfort in a cup? Liquid melt in your mouth, sweet vanilla loving? Here's where you go. Get down to Fig Farm's Brulee camper van. (£4) You read that right, they're in a freaking camper van! These two genius ladies offer up a selection of twisted brulees. You can get an Eton mess with cream extra strawberries, chocolate or what we did, sticky toffee pud with salted caramel. They burn the tops to order so that crack you get, can't beat it. If heaven was a mile away, would I pack my bags and leave this world behind? No need.

Next up churro city, they also had a lengthy queue as everybody lined up to meet Mr churro (or more like his little warm doughy creations). I think maybe the high demand compromised the quality a little as they tried to churn them out and keep up. So if you want them at their best, wait for the rush to die down. But the cinnamon spice treat dipped in chocolate a clear win for the circus goers (£4). Pre-sugar fix we chowed down on some delicious Greek Souvlaki, pork gyros with a fresh salad and double serves of tzadziki (£7). Needless to say that got a little messy! And some dirty buttermilk fried chicken. Hidden underneath was a gorgeous asian slaw salad, a great mix of crunchy, spicy veg (£5).  This was definitely an R rated cheat day. Mmm. The foodie vibe I gathered from the circus was that bad food doesn't have to be bad. It was all the foods we know and love, but with extra care. All the stalls I saw offered gluten free and allergen alternatives and check out what dirty chicken were shouting about! Kills me every time. Very picture laden post, but there is so much more  for you still to discover.

'Our Birds and Vegetables Don't do Drugs!!!'

Friday/ Saturday 5pm - 11pm
Sunday 2pm - 10pm
Old Stable yard, John st, Cardiff

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