Irie Shack | Review


Just a short walk outside of central town on Woodville road you've got Irie Shack. Irie is a friendly Rastafarian greeting or general vibes of nice, take it easy and no worries. So, when you walk in your hit with a literal wall of Marley appreciation and good times. Our minds immediately jumped to how cool it would be having a rasta lock in night and just enjoying life the Jamaican way. It's a relaxed system, check out the menu, order up at the bar and duh, take up the 2-4-1 cocktail offer. The music matched the emanating coolness of the shack as I jerked around in my chair, arms twirling in the air. Awesome jams. Much approved! We sat in anticipation, having been told the food here was gna' be good. I ordered a pulled chicken Roti, which came with a healthy serving of sweet potato fries and a crunchy 'slaw. (£8.95). The fries were gorgeous, fired to a crisp crunchy coat and fluffy sweetness in the centre. I couldn't get enough of these! The pulled jerk filling was so juicy and the spices were great. But you know me.. I pretty much drowned that thing in Scotch Bonnet sauce. The yellow bottles on the table, if you can take it, you have to try it! 

Me and E shared a side of plantain chips (£2.95) because we haven't seen these in such a long time! If you didn't know, plantain is from the banana family, but I describe it as a potato banana cross! Sounds a bit strange but it's like a starchy gooey chewy banana haha. Delicious, they were hot and cooked perfectly. Between all of us we tried the Veggie burger, which had high comments as did the chicken burgers(£8.95). The goats curry also went down a treat! (£8.95)

We were what you call in hospitality, the annoying ones turning up at 10:20 just before kitchen closes... but we received no bad vibes from the staff. They were amazingly helpful and always smiling. So much appreciation from the group. The cocktails these guys made were spot on. Jamaican me crazy is real coconut ice cream blended with Malibu, this is Caribbean in a cup. You want this. S got a Raas Berry Special and that was fresh, sour and crisp, my kind of cocktail. (£7.95)

Irie Shack,
106-110 Woodville Road, 
CardiffCF24 4EE
029 2037 3272
12:00am - 12:00pm

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