OOTN | Black on Denim


Outer Coat: Next / Peplum Jacket: Matalan / Dress: Lipsy /
 Jeans: River Island / Shoes: Faith 
If you've ever seen me, ever... you'll know I wear this jacket to death. It's my staple and probably one of my best buys ever! The peplum design contours the body and draws the eye's attention to a flattering silhouette. Which means I can stuff face and get away with a food baby, win! You'll be surprised to know where it's from, I never expected to find this lbj (little black jacket) here.  Matalan, oh yes. A new branch opened up on Queen st and was I glad I stopped for a look at the opening lines. I love how sharp this outfit is and how slightly frightening the killer point of that heel is, ouch. Needless to say, I don't get any trouble while I'm rocking these. Mwahahaha. The dress, I wear more often as a tunic on jeans, because Cardiff is too damn cold. It's backless which you can not see, sorray. With the jacket on I'm casual but if I take it off BAM statement piece. It's a sneaky insurance in case I'm feeling slightly under dressed or more often than not over dressed. I love my safety blankets. Keeping in theme with the arctic weather here in South Wales, I chucked on my faux fur jacket and urghhh it's so damn toasty, I love it! A go to outfit for the pub and general evening escapades, what do you think? Do you have a staple garment, that like me, is basically a stand in for a boyfriend? Send me a tweet of your bae!

And..... she's drunk!

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