Down under | The Flight


You can shop duty free on the plane, sky store? Wow, I've really seen everything now... Or have I?

I'm charging my phone and watching the plane from it's back wing. Is this for realises? Plane cam means I can see what the pilot sees. That's just cray. All the different angles, man this is awesome! Until you get into the air... Then it's just clouds. I wanted an upgrade to first class, experience some luxury at altitude. But you know what, compared to Ryan air. I'm in heaven. I'm sat in the window seat of an Emirates flight to my Dubai connection. The weather is gorgeous, sun is shining through my marble edged window and there's no one sitting in the middle seat. Which means extra room for me and the aisle seat dude. Woop.

They took care of us on Emirates.  With offers of hot towels, indulgent vanilla ice-creams and of course alcohol. I helped myself to a cheeky tipple of red while we cruised over the sea. There was a lot of interaction with the hostesses and the service was great. The bathroom was magnificent. I kid you not. I was dreading the thought of having to go. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. It's just a toilet, I know. But the gorgeous tanned wood, marbled basin, full length mirror, elegant cream lighting and rose infused moisturiser made the whole ordeal not so much of an ordeal. Ahhhhhh. Back to big hero 6, which is friggin' epic!!, and my pan fried salmon fillet with saffron risotto & seasonal veg which has just arrived. Peace out. ✌️

I've always wanted to visit Dubai and not in the quick whistle stop dash that I did! The airport was so extravagant, a huge water piece spanned the 3 or 4 floors, trickling down against a harsh granite background. Little fountains sprouted up from green and blue lights submerged under water. I quickly navigated my way through security, scanned across the duty free and into my gate. Woop, I made it! As I walked down the isle it quickly became apparent that I was in the middle seat, of the middle row. There was a cute guy sitting on my left which made it a little easier and a free space to my right, happy days! We we're stuck on the run way for 2 hours and it was becoming clear that I'd swapped caviar for crisps. We we're offered up a selection of chicken & spinach puff pies and mushroom pizzas in incredibly appetising cardboard boxes, yum. My new travel buddy and I joked about the change in standards from fresh hot towels to crammed seating, marbled wc's to faded grey plastic and clotted cream ice-cream pots to kit-kats. Ahh, things can't last forever. We patiently await our take off slot sat behind a still smiling baby and extremely nervous pair of parents. See you in s'tralia!

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