If you weren't an Optom?!


Best outfits by far, so much love!

5 practicals and 7 written exams later... we've finished 1st year! I think after Tuesday's dispensing exam everyone was done. But we've pushed through, finished basic clinical techniques.. and now it's time to party! It's the first event with our new Social secs P & A taking the reigns, the theme is 'what you would have been if you weren't an optom.' We've got the whole bottom floor of our local pub rented out, we're going to drink, we're going to get lairy and we're going to party! The final social of the Optom calender, watch out Cardiff. Optoms are back. 

I don't know about you, but that year absolutely flew. Before I'd even noticed we had had our last lectures and revision was looming. Now I'm on the other side and I have no idea how we got here. It seemed like we we're pin balls in a vocational mine field of optom deadlines and socials. The Christmas ball was such a huge night, the Eye ball was epic and exams were long and arduous, but that's a wrap folks! We ended the academic year on quite a bang. Obviously we'd been studying for the last 7 weeks straight with minimal drinking breaks in between. Which meant that our tolerances were low, real low. A quick whistle stop tour around town and a couple of ££ later, I would totally have been a hippie.. duh! My friends commented on the little that I had to actually buy to pull this off hahah true hippie at heart, clearly. As usual the effort from Optoms was awesome, we had builders, some questionable nurses haha, thugs, ravers and the spice girls! Truly awesome! By the time I arrived at our meeting venue, everybody was pretty smashed. Nearly 2 months of alcohol abstinence was showing and it wasn't pretty. But it was hilarious. We drank, we laughed, we did shots. Oh man, those shots. Before everyone was legless we were herded to walkabout where P&A secured us our own VIP area, so we danced until the early hours. There was a huge spread of all 3 years out. Bittersweet for 3rd years, all done but actually done. Good luck, we'll miss you and you'll be amazing! Pumped up 2nd years, ready to do it all one last time. Very excited 1st years, still in shock that we actually survived. And of course, gotta love the casual randoms. Heyy! hahaha. Another year done, another set of exams down. Bring on summer, where I'm sure everyone will be fully rapunzelling... let your hair down!

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