It's adventure time!


As you read this I'm jetting off to Melbourne! (laying over in Dubai) I'm off to a wedding and feeling ridiculously lucky. I was hoping to scrape across the borders and hop around Europe again, but I'm off on my first long haul flight in 10 years! This is exciting stuff people. Trying to adult for this trip was so hard. I literally had no idea what I was doing and my invitation had come at such short notice. Thankfully M had done a gap year and was at hand to help me get myself together. For me summer is the perfect time to catch up with yourself, all the things you planned to do over the year that got missed. It's time to tick them off. Start some new adventures and learn some new skills, maybe even read a book that's not course related! Hahaha. I'm insured, I'm vaccinated and I'm on my way! Ahhhhhh! I'm going solo so wish me luck! Add me on snapchat for live updates sushiturtleslife and I'll be blogging where ever I get internet! What are you up to this summer? How are you going to make it sweet?

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