Temporary Glitter | Tesora London


Are you into the tattoo scene? I've wanted one since I was a teenager, I promised myself that as long as I could get my idea to stick for at least a year.... I'd allow it. But me being as fickle as I am, I've never stood by one for longer than 3 months. Temporary tattoo's were all the rage as children, obviously the best kind came wrapped around a 20p stick of gum. Fitting with the whole only pirates have tattoos stigma, you'd score a skull & cross bones or a more feminine stereotypical butterfly. Now we're a little older feeling a little funkier, we've moved onto golds and culturally referenced transfers. I contacted a gorgeous and extremely friendly company tesoralondon And they were kind enough to send me a sheet of they're tattoos! 

Naturally I couldn't wait to get them out and give them a whirl. Before they'd even arrived I knew which ones were going where. And duh, to which event I was going to wear each. I was sent Iris, a mix of gold and turquoise hues of eyes and jewellery... how fitting right? When they finally arrived, yeah 2 whole days of major anticipation, my friends wanted in too. Exams we're out and the rest of my week was completely booked up. I wondered if £6/sheet was a little pricey given my previous experience of penny purchases, but oh my is this a different ball park. I thought easy come, easy go right? You just cut the designs you'd like, remove the outer plastic and adhere to yourself in your desired position. Apply a wet towel for 30 seconds and your ready to go. Each lasted for a good 2/3 days before they began to fade and peel. Which, if your at a festival is more than enough time to show of your lavish accessories. Even with showering, as long as your careful not to scrub or smudge them vigorously. We played around with different positions, colours and groupings. But with such simple indie artwork all the hard work was done for us. Bohemian chic. So for me? Tesora is a great investment, I was wise with my sheet and still have a fair few left to take to sunny Vietnam with me! And of course X-music festival this weekend. People's responses to my Egyptians eyes and hands of Hamsa's were great and I definitely want that gold elephant for future parties... Just too cute!

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