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This place. Oh my gosh. My biggest bug bare about going out for food is when the standard of food your served is lower than what you could cook yourself. If your digging into a plate of food and thinking, hrmmm could have done this better myself at home. Then why are you there? Eating out for me is about another foodie showing me how they dress their plate, show their personality and let their favourite ingredients speak. The pot does this, on another level. I've been twice and I've recommended too many times to count. Just outside the city centre on Crwys road is the pot. One of the top ten restaurants (or rather cafes) in the diff. This little number will have you drooling from the onset. I began with a spiced chai latte, as you do. £3 of steamy comforting goodness. The perfect edge taken off from a wet and windy walk. We proceeded with the soup, because how can you not with Welsh weather like this. M so rightly pointed out how underrated soup is?! £3.50 So simple and so delicious. But so often done wrong! A classic tomato and lentil soup, thick and hearty and really put a kick of life back into our drained bodies. The bread was so soft and springy I could have slept on it. It was so moreish we contemplated lifting the bowls like chalices just for quicker access. Nuff said.

We went at lunch.. on a Saturday. Call ahead if you planning to go down or just be aware that the pot is pretty popular! I reluctantly chose to sit two to a four seater table, a little evil, yes. I'm sorry! Next up, the mains. £7.50 Chorizo & white butter bean ratatouille. It was great. The sauce was thick and I was worried I'd have a dejavu moment with a tomato soup base. But no need to worry. It was delicious, beautiful chunks of chorizo in a well seasoned mix of chewy, gooey vegetables and melted cheddar. I'm actually rumbling just writing this review. M got the risotto which I gracefully stepped aside on, I had it last time and it was phenomenal £6.95. Of course I had to try something new and since M had it.. I could totally steal some. Mwahahah. This was not planned. Ahem. We got a slice of peanut butter and chocolate brownie. Which was GF and you could not tell. Slightly crunchy and full of flavour, so great. We finished the day with a white hot chocolate, which after all that food was not the best of ideas as this thing was huge! Made with real chocolate too. They cater for meat eaters, veggies & vegans alike. I can not rave about this place enough, it's small and quaint and the food does all the talking here. Personally I prefer the evening menu, as its a little more delicate and refined. But there's no difference in standard. Hats off to you chefs. Tres bien.

The pot Cafe
138 Crwys Road,
CF24 4NR
029 2025 1246

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