Welcome to summer


It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you need to get twice as fast as that. - Alice in Wonderland, Through the looking glass.

What is this crazy phenomena of growing up? Don't, it's a trap! Since starting uni, each year just gets faster and faster. I always saw a calender year as a huge time line of birthday milestones and big events to count down to.. like summer! But what?! It's June? Already, are you for real? I swear we were just planning how we were going to spend this year. And now we're half way to Christmas. Yeah I said it, Christmas. Such a dirty word this time of year. I wish we could slow it down and take a second to breathe. But there's no time to dwell or be sad, time stops for no man. If we're ever going to reach our goals, it's time to start running. Now. The end of this year has been by far the most bittersweet experience I've tasted. I actually finished 1st year, exams done and phew a huge pressure lifted. Couldn't taste any freaking sweeter walking out of that last exam. FREEDOM. A few days of partying, followed by a couple shifts in work and now I'm off on holiday. Fantastic! But that's another year of uni gone. Another year in general, just flown by in the blink of an eye... badumtss. But seriously, the rapid speed that that academic year accelerated and disappeared in was surreal and if what they say is true. That it's only going to get faster and faster. It's time to acknowledge each moment for being as sweet as it is. And do all the things we said we would!

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