What defines the edibleness of an animal?


Should I be veggie, I don't know? When I was a kid I thought that Vegetarianism was just about not eating things with faces. Veggies definitely weren't getting the protein they needed to be big and strong and meat is freaking delicious. I was also afraid of animals, I was afraid they'd bite me. So it was a win/win really. But when I tried to get over that and started studying their body language and their eyes, you can see that they're trying to communicate. The faces began to show emotion. I'd always thought rabbits we're soo cute! So naturally, I googled it and tried to get to Barry where I'd find my new bunny. I called her Bailey, (Miranda Bailey Grey's anatomy. Not Baileys the cream as my mum seems to think. Students are alcoholics, whuuuttt?) She was one of twelve, eight weeks old and a tiny handful of fluffy goodness. Now I really began to know why people loved animals and kept so many pets. As cliche as it sounds, I built a relationship with Bailey. She would sit with me when I was sad and bounce around with me when I was happy. If I went anywhere she would follow and if she was tired she'd flop on her side and lay her belly out. Ah too much

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So then I began to wonder, why different animals get different treatment? Why some sleep in bed and are cared for and fed, while others are caged and slaughtered? What defines the edibleness of an animal? I read that sheep will greet each other and form small families, they show sentience. (def; Having sense perception; conscious: experiencing sensation or feeling.) And apparently most farm animals do. I guess for me, it's not so much about the intelligence of the animal  but more of its emotions. If it is aware and can perceive of being happy and sad, then who are we to determine its happiness? Going on the basis of intelligence, as we are intelligent, why are we being so ignorant? My family came over to the UK from Vietnam many years ago now and my mum always says, if you were in VN and had to see the animals being killed. I don't think you would eat meat. I don't think you could kill it yourself either! She isn't veggie. We wonder how sterilised people have become to it. I know I can't watch those video reveals of battery farmed chickens and the life cycles of pigs. They're extremely graphic and hard to stomach. So how are people still able to eat meat? 

Lets face it, there are some people who genuinely aren't concerned, but I think for the most of us. We're just turning a blind eye. We know how bad the industry is but how else would we get our fix? Supply and demand. In Asia it's not all about meat, it's a smaller portion of the meal and the rest is made up with veg. Maybe we should cut down, still eat meat but eat less. When the animal has had a good life and it dies, we can eat. But obviously that's some risky meat. My friend also pointed out, you sure you'd want to kill and eat it after its had such a nice happy life? I don't know, I don't have answers but I feel like we are sentient enough to understand what we're doing is wrong and put provisions in place. We can kill animals, it's not great, but it's food and survival of the fittest. We just don't have to torture them to get it. With this in mind I began eating less and less meat, now it's just occasional for me. It was almost a subconscious decision as I began filtering out the red meats. Honestly, once you start focusing on how you cook the veg and season them. It's actually pretty delicious. Plus if your eating the right balance, you can get loads of protein elsewhere. There's just no real need to eat that much meat anymore. Apparently this is called, ethical omnivorism because of course, there's a box for everything! Hahaha. On the other end of the spectrum, have you seen these battery farmed animals?! Why would you want to eat this. I'm sure if you went out hunting, you wouldn't be camping out for that straggly looking chicken with 3 wings and a malformed leg?! You'd want that big 'ole healthy one, surely? I also think it's really weird that we steal baby cows milk, just saying.

Rocky Lewycky
Rocky Lewycky

Even Banksy knows

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