Chocolate Haven | Lindt Cafe Melbourne


I aimlessly wondered Melbourne solo in hopes of discovering the city by pure chance. I had a few key things to see but a relaxed way to travel, the best kind I think. Greek prescient a short and sweet few strides long. Souvlaki & Spanakopita lined the street of blue & white, but I was full. I'd indulged myself with infamously rich Lindt chocolates. On the lavish Collins shopping street, I found the chocolateers cafe. A safe haven for the sweet toothed. The salted caramel crisp cake quickly took my fancy and the flavour became a solid favourite for the rest of my trip! I must have made my enjoyment so evident as a passer by questioned me, "Is that really as good as it looks?" "Yes," I scoffed. "Yes it is!" My 1st taste of real gold, long awaited I have to say! Was... tasteless! Hahaha, but the layers that were elegantly placed in this dessert we're delicious. The mix of subtle caramel stinted hints of salt and a mass of chocolate. It crunched, melted and sinfully warmed all at once, but I didn't stop there. Pistachio truffle, oh lord. Do it. Needless to say the rest of my group we're less than pleased when I returned home with only photo evidence, mwahahaa.

271 Collins St, 
VIC 3000, 

+61 3 9667 0900

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