How ya goin'? | Crazy Australians


Australian's are strange people. Either extremely warm or cold & icy, but generally very friendly. How ya going? What?! I know what you mean, but my Britishness has me still confused. So Similar, but yet so different. Here they live in  a jungle of intense natural summer beauty amongst intimidatingly high sky rises. The palm trees I adore, almost everywhere you look. Gorgeous and calming even in winter; weather wise reminds me a lot of summer in Cardiff to be honest. Although the locals are actually in scarfs and thick coats, probably why I'm getting strange looks for skirts and sunglasses. House music plays across the crowds nearly everywhere that people are chilling out and grabbing munch. Drive thru' off licences, because the two go so well hand in hand?! Crazy Australians! City centres or as they call them, CBD's central business districts are serious. Some serious money spent here, in all directions, but it also seems to be earned equally as fast. First impressions for me is that everyone here is out for a good time. They work hard but they party harder. And with those happy go lucky accents, great weather and relaxing life ethics I feel like they really are.

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