Hunting Down Macaroons | La Belle Miette Melbourne


(Wondering Melbourne part 2) I meandered the organised streets of Mel, so contradictory! It looks so clear cut, but easily  confusing when it's all so similar! To my next stop, Macaroons on Hardware St. You little devils! The challenging treat that many a brave baker has faced, but not conquered. 1 hour of pacing was rewarded with a kitsch street which reminded me of home, or close, London. 1 hour's walking = 2 macaroons right? It's basic math people, trust me I'm Asian. If your looking for a bite to eat in a chilled out, funky lane, this it is. Or the slightly more hipster, centre place. Now that's an awesome one. The clientele blend with the setting so well it almost seems preempted. Anyway, the cute-sy vintage cafe is tiny and quaint. La Belle Miette. Each bite is $2.65 and comes in a jaw dropping array of colours. It really is a rainbow counter of happiness. Raspberry was lovely, but salted caramel is the one. You can see why it set a trend in me, no? Worth every step!

Collins St Store
Burke St

30 Hardware Ln
Melbourne VIC, 
+61 3 9024 4528

8 Collins St
Melbourne VIC, 

+61 3 9077 3778

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