Rooftops & Rivers | Federation Square Melbourne


China town was a hustle and bustle of noise, which I could not be bothered with yet. Flinders station, a great starting point on foot for the city. Leading out onto Federation sq, which is awesome just to stop and take a rest. You can watch the street artists perfom or take a gander around the exhibitions. Or grab a glass of vino, as I did.. many a time. Hehe. Shiraz in hand I eagerly people watched from my favourite view point. My phone sat with the barman to recharge for the evening's photography, I have no concept of time. What a beautiful thing. A cyclist bounces around on one wheel elegantly showing his bravado. City lights illuminate the skyline as dusk ushers away the sun. Ooh still got my raspberry macaoon left from Miette hehe. I sat and simply enjoyed unwinding until the sun went down. I met a friend, A, from France, with who I joked about wine and continued to drink enjoying the brisk evening. To Mitcham for a family BBQ, how very Australian.

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  1. It sounds like you had a really great time. And it seems like you had some great wine and some great french company :)

    M.Dee | Duty Free Dame

    1. Some lovely wine and great French company indeed! Should visit if you ever get a chance xx