Uni | 5 Tips for making friends


Freshers is here! I can't believe how quickly summer has gone?! All the students are beginning to descend now. They're everywhere! Term is back, I'm excited! Moving into your halls is a little scary but you all get drunk together and soon your best friends. Awesome. Then comes your course, time to meet your peers. This is where the nerves and awkwardness comes but don't let that get to you. Making friends at uni or anywhere is really not as difficult as it seems.

Finding friends really doesn't have to be hard. Everyone gets a little nervous when meeting new people and establishing friendships. Even the ones who are swanning around the scene, the social butterflies are kicking back some nerves too. But it's easy. Just say Hi! Forget asking the where you froms and what A-levels did you do? Honestly, you'll begin to hear the same mundane introductions over and over. It's lame and you'll forget all these small details anyway. 

1 What are they into?
What you really what to know is if you can get on with this person. Ask their likes and dislikes, what they do in the evenings and if they like a tipple or a cheeky nandos! 

2 Are they a good match?
If you ever saw Drillbit taylor (such a great film!), you'll know you've got to find the comonalities! Look for things you think you have in common with a person and maybe that'll be the perfect ice-breaker.  

3 Tell me something nice.
Compliment them. And I don't mean the Regina George, OMG I love your bracelet, where did you get it? That's not going to fly. Hahaha. If you like their hair just mention it or maybe some cute earrings, ask where they're from.

4 Your all ears
Most importantly listen to them. Everybody just wants to be heard and understood, but this doesn't mean faking it. That will get you no where. If you want to make a genuine connection with someone just talk honestly and ask things that genuinely interest you. So you can spark up conversation! It's amazing how far a little empathy will get you.

5 Set up a date
So every thing's gone well and your ready to get chummy with your new pal. Take their number, be confident and friendly. Arrange a time to hang out, grab a drink or go shopping. That's what I did when I met my first friend and a best friend too. Wondering around Cardiff's town, crushing on everything in Zara. Then we got another best bud and did Tapas every week. Sangria too of course!

The overall message is to stay chill, be yourself and don't try too hard. No one wants to know your life story straight up. Just hang out, find some common grounds and have some laughs. The rest will take care of itself.

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