Review | Hayes Island Snack Bar


Today we casually strolled into town, stopped in boots and then got breakfast at the Hayes Island Snack Bar. Lucas recommended it and I'd never been, so it was perfect. Sitting outside on a brisk Monday morning. You hear the shuffle of the morning shift scuttling through town. We sip piping hot tea (£1.25), in the company of life time regulars who smoke their fags and people watch. They know the staff on a first name basis and the staff look after them. Heartwarming. It was an awesome clash of the fast paced, rising cosmopolitan city and the old close-knit communities. A definite breath of fresh air, such an awesome start to the day.

I followed Lucas in a breakfast roll (£3.25). It was huge. Wrapped up in a brown paper bag, which crunched with every touch. It felt oddly rustic to peel back as I laced my roll with ketchup... and chili sauce. Always. This thing was ridiculous. A sausage, eggs and rashers of bacon, sandwiched in a great fluffy hot dog roll. Lucas devoured his, much like Noo Noo, a growing boy of course. The choice surprised us for such a quaint, relaxed space. We were in firm agreement to come back with friends once a month to sit, eat and unwind. I can't wait! But maybe I'll get a smaller one next time. Ha!

The Hayes, 
South Glamorgan,
CF10 1AH

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