OOTD | Black n Daisy's


Crop - Urban Outfitters / Vest - Primark / Skirt - United Colours of Benneton / Boots - DIY

I will eventually stop taking OOTD seflies and get them outside, I swear! Hahaha. For now, the awkward mirror smiles will have to do. Say hey to our spare room! Our new house mate is due to move in in a week, she's German with Spanish skills. It's going to be a madhouse of languages once she arrives. Me and Lucas totaled about 15 different languages that will potentially be bouncing around our walls. Insane. We're all into langs in my house. It's surprisingly addictive too. Once you get past the hello's and how are you's. More into the jokes and to a conversational level, ah, it's so satisfying. 

My friends, The beautiful Italian and gorgeous Chinese German

We've really noticed last year how much more you can express yourself when you can dabble in a few langs. There are some things that can really only be said in certain ways. Ultimately aren't we all trying to be understood? It's so nice to be able to communicate with somebody in their own language. I think we take it for granted that most of the world now pretty much speaks English. Sometimes I think it's pretty ignorant of native English speakers to belittle people just learning. Personally I would have hated to learn English as a second language. The rules that they have... aren't really rules?! It's more. Just learn this. And this. And this is an exception and so are all of these. Good luck! Hahaha. There are also over 1,000,000 words. Yeah. There's that.

So when you meet someone and there's a language barrier. Try going their way, because to you they may be a little slow starting. But imagine how literate they could be in their natural tongue. How romantic, eloquently and politely they could speak. But you'd never know, imagine how slow you might sound starting. Picture yourself trying to find as similar a word as you can, because you simply don't know it. You start using hand gestures in hopes some sort of socially awkward charades begining. Just trying to convey your message. Strange isn't it? But for now, lets just sit in awe of meeting people and being able to hold conversations with them, while they coy away about their 'bad English' Uh, beautiful modesty xx

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