Recipe | Grilled tomato - Going vegan


It's so simple and incredibly delicious. I used to roast small on the vine cherry tomatoes to go with lunch and salads. They we're like little sweet yet sharp bursts of citrus freshness. I got some large beefy tomatoes and I thought hrmm, why not? Supersize it! It's gorgeous and fleshy to jab a fork into as the juices trickle out and drag traces of salt and pepper down the glistening skin. Phwoorr, like an M&S advert! Haha. If your a fan of Jamie's 15 minute meals, then you'll like this. I love making things quick and efficiently so I have more time to sit, chill and enjoy it. I like this recipe because I've been trying to go vegan recently. I never thought'd I'd say that, yet here I am. Slowly but surely I think. This chunky tomato is an awesome meat substitute!

So simple I'm not even going to write a recipe. Just coat the tomatoes generously with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and a sprinkle of veg or chicken stock cube. Under the grill for 5 minutes cherry size and maybe 10-12mins for a larger one. Simple. Keep the vine on as it gives off an amazing earthy, rich aroma. I ate mine with some raw spinach and poached eggs. Mango for a mood boost too. Mmmm.

One lonely tomato
Mango chunks with coriander

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