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Feels like an age since I last saw Megs! If you ever need to find us we're usually tucked away somewhere quiet munching down. Felt like an age since I'd had any Greek food too! Actually! I took out Hellenic Eatery for my family last week. It was lovely, but I knew it had to be better fresh. Straight from the kitchen. And what do ya know? It was! I was craving everything tzadziki, souvlaki and pitta! Everything comes with pita, so if you wanted to order some. Just don't. We realised once everything was laid in front of us, that I'd basically just ordered a table of carbs. Ohh yesss.

Food here is absolutely gorgeous. It's fresh and you can taste the love in each warm fluffy pita. It's such a comfort to get stuck in and dip in the garlic loaded tzadziki £4 (Yoghurt, garlic, cucumber and olive oil dip). The souvlaki wraps £3.50 are delicious. Just how I remembered, filled with salad and chips £2. We had the chicken and pork between us, both juicy and full of flavour. With a musty BBQ aroma. Grilled halloumi was amazing. I've never had such a soft squeekless halloumi! The prices at Hellenic Eatery are so reasonable and very student friendly. The service is a little slow, but completely understandable. Both times I popped in they were busy and with only one waitress! You can see the content faces of indulged diners as the staff buzz around the Mediterranean cafe. Ef̱charistó̱ polý!

Grilled Halloumi
Chicken Souvlaki Wrap

I highly recommend the Hellenic. Fantastic prices and quality home made Greek food. We left absolutely stuff with grins from ear to ear. 

Helenic Eatery,
100 Crwys Road,

029 2132 1600

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