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I caught up with last years president Shai, to talk responsibilities and ambitions. We wish Shai all the best and hope we follow his lead. Freshers, this is the guy who laid down the foundations to what will be an amazing 1st year at Cardiff for you. If there was any time to show your loyalties, it would be now! Click here to Vote! In his time as president of Cardiff Opsoc, Shai was involving as many students as possible. Past the academics, he sought to support students outside the lecture theatres and instill a sense of community. Reinforcing the buddy system and adding tiers of siblings to really integrate all years! Helping to create the Opsoc House Cup, which was a really succesfull sports day, promoting team building and confidence. Then again on a larger scale between schools of the university, challenging Pharmacy to his Boots Varsity Cup! With over a 250 student turn out. Amazing! 

What did you enjoy most about Cardiff?
Meeting so many different people and so many things to do. Cardiff always has something on and being at uni there has made me realise it's one of the best places in the UK.

Boots Varsity Optom Vs Pharmacy 2015

What was the biggest lesson university has taught you?
Don't judge a book by it's cover.

That's an awesome one, it's amazing how people will surprise you.
What was your best night out?
Probably the Noah's ark social in 2nd year.. I was the ark.

Ahaha, brilliant! What was your vision as president of Opsoc?
To become a gold society, and to be recognised within the uni. it's hard when the school is so small compared to courses like law. But we managed it!

Dancers @ Eyeball 2015
Yes, love that! Smashed it. What's your wish for the future of Opsoc?
To involve everyone and to make sure that it gives the members everything it can!

Always there to give a helping hand
Why did you go into optometry?
Everyone always asks this one, 'it's so niche' what made you decide on it as a career?
My dad is an Optom and my Grandad is an ophthalmologist. I guess it's cliche but it runs in my blood. It's a passion I would love to see continue, but apart from then it's a great career and there are so many avenues to go down.

That's a great tradition your family have, it must be such an awesome bonding point.
Where do you see yourself in the future?
Hopefully owning my own practices one day. Helping as many patients as possible.

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