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So my cousins we're over from the states this summer and while they we here they told me about Sibling Saturdays. I loved the idea that once a week they'd all meet up and do something fun together. Family is very important in Asian culture, your cousins are as close as brothers and sisters too. I realised then how quickly time had gone since I moved out and I rarely hung out with my brothers or cousins. I kept promising and coming up with ideas, but never set dates often enough. I had to change that. They're growing up so ridiculously fast! I can't keep up with their increasing maturity, growing hearts and towering heights. And turning into men and women, with amazing careers, ambitions and families of their own! I want to be an example for my younger family, which we call em in Vietnamese. I couldn't put it off anymore, I had to make time away from other things and be selfish. The house was looking good, we had things to entertain them and of course.. No Asian party is complete without duh food.

They came down with food and we'd just been out to buy some. As standard really the kitchen was bursting with food. Large slabs of salmon, homemade guacamole and chips, Vietnamese Roi salad and lots of veggies for hummus! We spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen cooking and gabbing about everything. Loud and proud the Vietnamese bounced around the walls as the potatoes roasted and kettle brewed. I got these gorgeous flower teas for Christmas from mum, but I've only just found a beautiful dainty glass teapot. I'll tell you about that soon! The gentle fragrance of tea swept through the house and calmed the atmosphere as we settled down. This was quickly interrupted with bouncing excitement that Corn flake the Corn snake was coming out. The boys were loving the in home petting zoo my house sported, complete with games and chocolate milk. The bathroom door managed to lock itself giving live entertainment for the boys as we break in from the outside. Hahaha.

As they left we we're filled with accomplishment. Job well done. I let out a sigh of relief and put the  kettle on to sit down and chill out. An impromptu gathering that was a great success. We played  host! It's definitely going to be a regular thing for us. We've got just siblings days, girls nights and  bigger family get togethers planned. How often do you meet with your family? You should always  know whats going on in theirs lives and them in yours. It's good for support and knowing people  care. It's important with the fast pace we live in now. Trying to keep up with the demands of society to accomplish and socialise. We lose sight of the little things matter most. That are invaluable. That  are cherished. Take natural photos without poses when your with people. You'll remember them as they are.

The Vietnamese Roi is absolutely delicious. White and red cabbage sliced, with lots of herbs. Fresh mint and coriander bashed in a sesame oil  with vinegar, birds eye chilies, salt and pepper. All the good things about Asian cuisine in one. Fresh, sweet, salty, spicy, or as we say in Vietnamese. Chua chua mặn mặn - Sour sour, salty salty. Mmmm.

Chinese Flower Tea

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  1. This is adorable! There's no better way to spend time together than with food <3

  2. This is adorable! There's no better way to spend time together than with food <3