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Getting up in the morning is something I absolutely despise. I hate being one of those people who complain about waking up in the mornings. But lets get real, who likes that? I love BEING awake in the morning. I love the relaxed pace of sipping tea as the sun creeps into the sky and the birds warm up their vocals. It's a thing of sheer beauty. Massive morning person but oh man, does it feel out of reach. Every night I set a goal time and a few things to get done before work. Seldom do I follow it. On the bright side though, here's one of my high school teachers favourite quotes "Shoot for the moon, if you fall. You'll land among the stars." - Norman Peale. Waking up early isn't exactly shooting for the moon, but being awake in the morning and allowing yourself to come to an awake state at your own pace. Nothing like it. Even if I don't get up when I wanted to, the sooner the better. 

The more I do that I'd planned, awesome. I think it's the key part of having a good day. Not that it wont be if you don't wake up well, but if I have a chance to do my routine; Lay in bed for 10 minutes, roll out and boil the kettle. Drink tea, get a little exercise, increase the blood flow. Casually get dressed and effortlessly apply make-up. No abrupt, rushed steps. Man do I feel good. And isn't that what we're all looking for? Forget your worries, your material check list and all the other petty stuff. Waking up peacefully and starting your day with all the good things, all your favourite things. That's what it's about.

So I was an hour later than planned, Lucas knocked my door as he was getting ready for work. We walked into town and I got to the gym. Four cycles of my kettlebell routine and then some cardio. A short walk into the castle grounds and I decided to stop for breakfast. Pettigrew Tea Rooms, nestled in the corner of Cardiff castle guarded by stone animals. I know, a little work out and a massive treat. Rookie error right? Gorgeous pouched eggs with homemade warm hollandaise sauce, on thick cut hearty granary bread, topped with chives. Of course, totally got more tea. A delicate peach herbal tea in a fine china tea cup. Beautifully light to hold and made me feel super girly while I rocked trainers and sweats. I saw the banana and chai vegan cake they had, but self control was strong. I will be back, I got the girls in work to try a chai latte and they loved it. So there's a cake date right there!

Bute Park & Arboretum,
Castle St,
CF10 1BJ

029 2023 5486

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