Being Adult | The opportunist


Being an opportunist means being ready for anything. It means having no ties or reserves when a new door opens. Just being completely free and confident to dive into a great opportunity. I've always been the spontaneous type, call me a romantic but spur of the moment living is my kind of life. This doesn't come without its preparations though. I know, hardly seems very spontaneous to plan ahead right? It started when I was younger just being dressed and ready. A nice outfit, my usual make-up routine and hair tamed. My aunties and uncles would always randomly have fantastic plans! Lets go here, lets do this! And I was always in my pj's or looking somewhat undone. It dawned on me that if I always looked how I wanted to look and feel, I'd be prepared for anything. More importantly I'd be confident in doing it. If any amazing plan were to formulate I was going to be there. So that began my indulgent morning routines and domino'd into the rest of my life. I went out and bought a diary, stop the press! Step one towards better organisation.

Roath 2015
While I was in Melbourne this summer I met up with a family friend, Angie. A gorgeous Vietnamese woman brought up in Australia. We went out for dumplings with her friend Tina in China town. It was delicious. As I sat with these two successful driven women talking cars and relaxing holidays, they invited me to this beautiful outdoor spa bath. Right up my street, ultimate luxury. But all I could think was my god, my bikini body is.not.ready. Hahaha, to my delight I was saved the horror of having to undress in their winter. I was absolutely gutted it was fully booked, but I wish I was confident enough to just go too! I strongly believe you should love yourself, no matter what. And that being confident comes from loving yourself, but if something really makes you unhappy. Stop trying to love it by bandaging the problem and just change it. Another opportunist mentality for me, create the body you love and stop hating the body you have.

Pen-Y-Fan 2015
Finally I realised this effect in my career and relationships too. Seizing an opportunity comes from an organised mind and an organised space. If you see a chance and your affairs are in place to go for it, how much more likely are you to succeed? You know where your documents are to hand. Your calendar is always up to date and you know exactly where you need to be and when. Keeping on top of your time managing so that spare hour you have to run to the gym.. on it. Your phone is always charged so that last minute interview call, it was yours. That flash sale flight to your dream destination comes up and you've got savings. Your dream date decides "lets grab drinks tonight," you've got perfume in your bag and killer shoes on! It's all very basic stuff but I believe its elementary going through my twenties. Opportunities for incredible adventures or life changing jobs don't just come to people through chance. They come to the prepared.

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