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I've met a lot of international people since being at Uni. Cardiff is an extremely multicultural city and the more I travel the more I notice that having so many nationality's in one city is not the norm! For most cities anyway. Meeting people that grew up in completely different cultures is so interesting, but I always wondered if it was an intimidating experience to move somewhere completely new. I was messaging Arman and he was saying he's getting ready to come back to Cardiff. We both thought it'd be cool if other students could read about the experience while they start off at Uni. So here's our convo about the move from the great land of Canada to the UK.

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"I literally got on a plane and moved to another country on my own ahaha,. Nothing but  my legal documents (student visa and what not) and passport along with a 50lbs suitcase. Knew nobody in the UK. The struggle was definitely real. Now it's easy though"

I can't imagine how scary! What would your advice be to a fresher in the same position?

Plan as far ahead as possible and don't be afraid to ask for help. Also as an international student.. Make sure you bring a solid amount of cash as bank accounts can take weeks to set up! That was my mistake.
I had my bank draft on me for the first semester and I couldn't use any of it because my bank account wasn't setting up. So I had cash that had to last while also partying and setting up residence and paying optom fees. My roommates offered to lend me cash but ya know... just met people don't want to owe money!

That must have been really frustrating! A best mate I met in Uni, is from Bulgaria and she had all the same stresses but in time things came into place and she completely absorbed into the culture.

Oh and it rains a lot lmao. I would tell old me to make sure I have a rain jacket and waterproofs!

Cardiff is ridiculously rainy! I've seen you sporting a big black now, that looks pretty water tight!

Haha, yeah lesson learned!

How did you find settling in?

Awkward at first, having the feeling like I needed to explain who I am to new people when all my friends at home have just known who I am for the past 10 years or so! However, I'm a relatively extroverted person so I got past that step pretty fast.

What did you miss most about home?

My group of friends/family /moms cooking hahaha.
Home was just comfortable. I finished qualifications in accounting... Knew everyone and everything around me

Those home comforts!

Haha exactly!

I wouldn't say I was afraid.... But rather I was uncomfortable or something about being in a new surrounding I've never been in before. I love to travel, but this was a more permanent thing. Knew I wouldn't be going back home in a couple weeks

It's a big move. And a big ask mentally I guess too, being away from a support system. But you made a new one very quickly. What was the biggest culture shock for you?

Lmao my biggest shock period is that if you live in the UK you have to have a TV licence. Lol wtf is that?! And you can serve prison time for
multiple offence since its federal!

And although the UK is small in size I found it really interesting how people who live within 
a 2 or 3 hour drive can have different accents lol.

Haha, it varies by the mile almost! Whats your favourite thing about Cardiff?

Dr. Who

One of the main reasons I came to Cardiff is due to the fact that the show is filmed there hahaha. I wish I was joking

Haha! Finally, do we drink as much tea as you'd expected?

Yes definitely I was impressed

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