Uni | Ikea - New housemate


Amelie arrived! A long day spent travelling, she made it to Cardiff from Germany! Her UK adventure starts and she's so excited. Such a lovely person and she fits into the house amazingly. Lucas has been getting a chance to speak German, so it must be starting to feel a lot more like home for him too. We took a trip to ikea, obviously. What new term would be complete without a trip?

So many plans for decorating. Can't wait! Really going to try and stop living like.. students this year haha. Play house properly and keep a tidy home. It's going to be lush. In true German spirit, Lucas got home and started prepping some chicken Schnitzels. We had them with his home made chips, which were amazing. Too hungry to stop though, so only raw pictures for now sorry.. I'll update when he cooks again.

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