Opsoc | We're getting merch!


Woo! Good news everyone. We're on the move with our merch. All of you starting this Sept, Opsoc have our own amazing hoodies and other .. collectibles can I say? It's amazing when they finally arrive and the Optom atrium is a flush with matching hoodies. Everyone's feeling the vibes and it just looks cool. Tath and I finalized a few designs, rolled them out to the committee for votes and the final logo is off to press. So when the time comes, don't forget to order yours. You don't want to be left out! Shout out to our graphic designer Aimee Lilian, who did a great job turning my doodle into art! Thank you! Lets show our appreciation.

I played with a few placings and ideas sketching. I loved the prism idea obviously, Pink Floyd. Massive influence, amazing album. It got a few votes, but ultimately it wasn't to be. The heart and eye was also a favorite. Since Optom is predominatly female, I thought it'd go down well, but we weren't sure how many guys would go with it. Guys? We have a few more ideas we'd love to see materialize, but for now.. we're excited to get the hoodies and seeing them come to life!! Ah!! We'll keep you posted on any updates and pricing. :) 

Opsoc Eyeball 2015 Click here

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