Body Confidence | Demi Lovato Nude


You know what? Today I planned to write about my new job, but instead I want to take a moment and commend Demi Lovato. I never thought I'd say that. I was scanning facebook before getting down to blogging and she was trending. Admittedly, I rolled my eyes and thought "urgh, what's she doing now." To my surprise the musician was so honest and real. The emotion was raw and you could feel that this was genuine and that she'd been moved.

I was speaking to my cousin recently about the Disney princesses and how they'd changed. Just as anyone would growing up. I'm not judging. Demi's like Miley. When Miley gets naked down to her nipples and acts wild and free, she opens her mouth and only sense comes out. I heard about Miley's interview on Jimmy Kimmel live and I was so intrigued. Jimmy was straining to keep eye contact as the young woman so boldly deflected his suggestive question of her fathers opinion of her dress sense. With confidence, she stated "He'd rather me have my tits out and be a good person, than have my shirt on and be a bitch." Preach Miley! I secretly loved Hannah Montana as a teen, then when Miley began to 'change' the girl crush soon faded. It's so easy to judge and form a false opinion of people when your not given the full picture. The media painted her as a reckless wild child. But lets be honest, if we all had our rebellious phases publicised, we'd be a cavern away from perfect. The fact is, Miley does what Miley wants because she's embodied who she is. She defines herself and lets no body, not even society set the parameters of her life. Her morals are in the right place, so what if some people think her clothes are not? She does, so we should.

So what's this got to do with Demi Lovato? Following this rekindled love I had for Miley, I saw Demi in a similar setting and thought hrmm, I'll give it a watch. Wonder what she's like now, following some questionable interview topics on Alan Carr. The trending story, as most do, focused on her nudity. As I watched the clip it wasn't anything to do with sex. She talked about confidence and self beauty. "There's something incredible about no make-up whatsoever, no clothes, no retouching." The photos she posed for were gorgeous. A real woman, natural and unedited. Her face was striking and the shots we're classy. While she spoke in the video, still bare faced and dressed down, she looked so girl next door. Calm and beautiful. "It's empowering." Forget the provocative slick back hair, red lips and statement leather dress. Yes it's nice once in a while, but she really doesn't need them. "You can feel comfortable and confident your skin." An incredible message to send in an age of massive corporate exploitation of people's natural feelings of insecurity. Body image is everything. We need to teach young girls to spend time learning to love themselves and not spending money trying to 'fix' themselves.

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