Cardiff | Dance Therapy Launch!


So today marks the launch of Dance Therapy Cardiff! Tommy, Dan & I will be at Cathays Community Centre at 1pm so bring your dancing shoes and lets shake! I had stupid amounts of fun dancing around in the sun with the guys this week. It really made me feel confident about how the session will be received by the public. We practised the numbers we'll be doing today and tried our best to keep up with the salsa steps! Those are quiickkk... so they got simplified, ha! Dan was the guinea pig in terms of dance move difficulties. Our motto for the day was, if Dan can, you can. I'm sure his stills say it all! Don't feel shy, awkward or embarrassed. I was nervous to dance in front of the boys at first and especially on camera! But as I said before with these guys, it's just too relaxed and honest to get anywhere close to weird. I'm really excited to share the feelings, the vibes the Je ne sais quoi of this booty shaking class! It's energising and liberating. Move your body and be free, lets raise awareness about mental health, end the stigma and start the conversation.

I know it's a bit of a late announcement blogwise, that it's today! But we're going to be in Cardiff SU on Thursday 8th for Mind Your Head Week. (And more events to come) It's so important to spread the message that your not alone and it's okay to ask for help. "1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health problem at some point during uni." I think now more than ever, it's become way too easy to be alone.  Entertainment is so accessible now and there are so many social expectations of young people today that they often shy away from social interactions when things get tough. The support system that you leave at home has to be replicated in the study city too. What better way to make a family than a fortnightly gathering of locals, to shake that ass and watch yourself! Show me what your working with! I can not wait to see how our event plays out tomorrow and hope people enjoy Tommy's dancing energy as much as me! Here are some stills of us busting moves, typical Asian lunch and cheesy grins. We'll see you on the dance floor soon!

Special fried rice with frankfurter sausages (thought this was just my mum), corn, peas & hot sauce. Baby plum tomatoes and unlimited refill Chinese tea. Drool.

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