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My brothers just started a blog 'Rice and Che' and his latest entry is awesome. Just a short few words to say, we met up, we hung out and we had so much fun! We went up to the forest tea rooms and shared soup and toasties. He got a hot chocolate as deliciously standard and we're all with tea. "There's nothing like going out with your family having some food and making some authentic Vietnamese dishes." His blogging genuinely shocked me, he has such a mature manor for his age. I'm proud. I can't believe how quickly he's growing up!

We visited Hoa Ma & Hoa Con. They're just so incredible and ohana is everything in Asian culture. On the surface our Grandparents look sweet and innocent but my Grandma is such a jokester, like you wouldn't believe. If you watch her close enough you'll see the little glints in her eyes and the sweeping grin that intermittently engulfs her expressions. My cousin and I noticed so much this summer. Maybe it's her age, and she's so free within herself, and that she just doesn't give a damn. Or maybe because we're older we've started to clock it. A mixture I guess. She has hands that create beauty, a heart of gold and the strength of an ox! Words of high honor my Granddad romantically bestows upon her. 

Here's our family day from my perspective and click  to give my brothers a read too! :) We went home to carry on the chill and me and mum caught up. More baby fish we're born, making that like what? The 30th new school now?! Grandma gave us Nem, which is a fermented pork snack. Sounds disgusting but it's a rare treat. Haven't seen one packaged like this in years! Pure nostalgia, weekend perfection.

Foods done, curry selfie!

Spot the fish

Che, glutenous desert.

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