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I wanted some feedback about my blog and most people have said more photos, less text. But they still want the message and advice put across. My last post got some great interaction and I think showing that vulnerability really let people relate to me. I've always wanted to get a bit more personal, but like that post, I was afraid of how I would be received. I guess people will take it as they want to, but the like minded will appreciate my honesty. I hope!

I met up with my cousin's this week for tapas. It was awesome and long overdue. In complete honesty it was a little strange. I can't remember the last time we all hung out together just our generation and no adults, and no set family event per say. We've all grown up and it's really weird. Me and Emily we're talking when I got back about how family dynamics change. She was telling me about when she visited her cousin's first house and with no aunt's or uncles. Drinking wine together and talking jobs. That's similar to how ours went. We're all egging each other on for bright futures we dreamed of as kids. We had so many major influences growing up, showing us the fast lane lifestyle of Londoners. The flash cars and jet setting life the IT industry could provide. It's our time now, to show what foundations our families have laid for us. Migrating from war and transferring their entrepreneurial skills to give us a fighting chance. I'm so excited to see how we all grow. To set an example for our younger gen.  Super mushy I know, but all too true.

Some of us are on the way to great careers and half of us are smashing through Uni. It's amazing that my cousins have finally found their passions and to hear them talk about their work and projects. Chris (Click for baby Chris feeds baby Erica popcorn.) has made an awesome Star wars game in Uni, with portals and black holes, which the family are going to love at the next get together. Star Wars obsessed. He spoke with such enthusiasm about his new course. I told him to get a notebook and write down all of his ideas, thinking it was great advice. He shot back with something that surprised me, "Don't have ideas, just do it. Everybody has ideas. Show people, you have to show them it works."  

Keeping in touch and maintaining relationships is hard, especially as we all begin moving away. Family is family. Ohana, always. My Grandma called me today and I told her about our get together. I never really speak with my Grandma about my Uni situation and she doesn't really ask. It's hard to tell her why, especially since high school was so promising for me. But that's a story for another time. It was just amazing and relieving to hear her say that we should all encourage other. Never brag and always push each other. Everyone moves in their own time and as long as you have determination and perseverance, things will conspire in your favour.

What did you think of my vlog? I'd leave to hear from you guys!

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