Review | St Brides Spa Hotel - Part 1


My snapchat literally went crazy after I started adding to my story this weekend. My friends wanted to know where I was and how I got there, how much it cost and WHERE I WAS?!

It was a milestone birthday for my mum this year. I wanted her to have a full pamper, to relax and do what ever she wanted! As I'm sure all daughters do, I wanted mum to feel special and beautiful. Our stay at St Brides did exactly that. It didn't take long for me to find the hill top spa in Saundersfoot. I'm not a seasoned spa goer but I worked in a hotel when I was younger and we had a spa there. So I had an idea of what I was looking for and somewhat of what to expect. But once I saw the video tour of the pool, the rooms and the view.... Wow, I really had to take her there. The view looked incredible! That's what immediately drew me to St Brides. Yes, it was over an hours drive away.  Yes, it'd take some time out of our day, but we could spa anywhere. We can relax anywhere. How often can you soak in a heated infinity pool, feet up, in amazing company and overlook the Welsh coastline? Now that's an experience. 

We checked into our sea view room and were quickly in awe of the breathtaking view. It's a pleasant surprise as you are immediately immersed in a nautical interior theme. The soothing white walls and calming hues of blue and earthy browns quickly reflects the energy of the spa. There's a true air of relaxation that oozes from the walls. We had a lap around the room, I fell madly in love with the bathroom. I have a thing for bathrooms, it's just such a lush room. Baths and pampering, you know how it is! I put the kettle on and mum quickly got comfortable and sank into the sofa. As we got familiar with the restaurant menu and spa timings, we moved to the balcony to really enjoy the landscape. Ahh, we sighed a breath of relief. We'd made it, time to chill.

We quickly came to the conclusion that the reviews were right. There was absolutely no need to leave the hotel. I'm not usually one for that. If I'm visiting somewhere, I want to make full use of my time there and see all the sights and try every small cafe! But this wasn't that kind of trip. Everything we needed was right at our finger tips, room service was a dial away and just below us the kitchen housed some extremely talented chefs. With some seriously fresh ingredients. (...We'll get to that). We sat and people watched for an hour, sipping 'Welsh brew' following the waves as they washed back and for. Forgetting about life back in Cardiff, I called down to the spa to book us in. We slowly changed into our robes and the sun began to set. 

All the staff at St Brides were lovely and really accommodating. We were made to feel really welcome as one of the team showed us around. There were different salted steam rooms and saunas for us to try, as well as an experience shower which was just epic! There were 3 different options to choose from, mum did them all of course but I couldn't hack the cooling cold mist or bush shower! I like things burning hot. The tropical rain forest shower sizzled as it sprouted down from a large circle of shoots. Hot and hard it beat out all of the stress and knots. Lovely. Between each feature room we returned to the centre to rub ourselves down with ice shavings. Like a fridge the machine intermittently shot out shards of ice to improve our circulation and skin. Before our session ended we rushed back out to the pool for the last few minutes as the sun bid it's dues. 

Another cuppa and we were warmed and dolling up. I started on my hair and mum got some pretty clothes out. We'd already eyed up the menu and were absolutely ravenous. Money wasn't an object tonight, tonight was about us and catching up. It'd really been too long since we were out, just the two of us. A few sips of pinot noir and we were getting tipsy, the Asian flush came over us and we nibbled on bread sticks and olives. It was a tough decision choosing what to eat, everything looked so good. We both got the Sea Bass to start, which melted in your mouth. Lightly pan fried and the same with the spinach. Just stunned in hot water and with a smooth garlicky sauce. The crushed potatoes were fluffy and well, perfectly seasoned. Pleasantly surprised with the size, we worried how we'd finish our mains! Mum loved her duck, served pink. The sweetpea leaves eaten together with the slices of duck reminded her of grandma's congee. One of her childhood favourites. (Sh! I totally planned that... haha bonus!) I originally ordered the Halibut, but after the steak passed a few times. I had to change! The chef was happy to switch my dish last minute and oh. my. gosh. That steak was perfect. Like so perfect. Just amazing, I barely had to move my mouth! Each mouth full, melted like butter on a hot pan. That's one way to my heart.

They teased us with dessert, but there was just no room! A full day of wining and dining and we were done in. We went back to our rooms, smiling and laughing - no doubt disturbing the other guests on their couple getaways! (Sorry!) Finally, we got into our pj's. Crawled into our giant bed, which came up to mum's waist! (She's a tiny lady) Read our books and fell asleep. Just like when I was younger. Love you Mum, Happy Birthday.

Tomorrow, Breakfast at the Cliff.

St Brides Hill, 
SA69 9NH
01834 812304

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  1. What a lovely experience for you and your mum. The hotel, spa and restaurant look amazing. I wouldn't want to leave the hotel either. I've just looked up St. Brides Hotel on the map and can see it nestling in Pembrokeshire. It looks a little cool on your balcony but I bet the spa was toasty warm. A great treat.

    Danielle Richardson @ The Hoste

    1. I think she really enjoyed herself! Thank you! :) x