Spoken Word | Kate Tempest - Balance


Click at top of window to play or watch below. I love this poem. I was sitting on a dark, damp bus on the way home from work this summer. Kate was tuning in and out on YouTube as I travelled. I'd never heard this before so I thought I'd just let it play. I love Kate Tempest, she speaks with such passion and raw honesty. The words flow and trickle from her so lyrically in rhythm. It hits the ears so beautifully and instills an exact empathy of life without balance.

Far away in a distant land,
There's these four kids,
And they've grown up firm friends,
Ambition is the youngest,
A bright eyed kid with a numbness.
Where as logic should have been 'cause he was ruled by his hungers.

Next there was pride,
Now he walked with a broad stride,
because he from himself would his weaknesses hide,
And people liked being near him
They couldn't tell whether they loved him or feared him,
It's more they found his self confidence endearing.

Next there was talent,
Now she was beautiful and gallant.
But she lived for her senses tho and not for her sense,
So her poor heart was covered in dents.

Oldest was envy,
Envies eyes often seemed empty.
She would talk loud in lengthy sentences,
Friends [were] sensitive,
Tall and cold,
Her eyes we're green, like your skin,
When it's marked fake gold.

So they grew up,
And they fell out.
And they made up,
And they got drunk,
And hung out,
From sun up,
To sun in.
And they got done in and they hit the ground running.

They looked for and,
They found something.
But it all turned into nothing though,
When pride got with talent,
Envy with ambition.

They forgot how to listen,
Things changed became different.
Everything was competition now.
Talent & pride became bitter, despised.
They got hateful, sarcastic, dreary, drastic.
Yes they loved each other greatly,
But they're fights we're terrible.
And they raised each other high up on pedestals.

They isolated themselves,
they stopped speak to ambition and envy,
They distanced themselves from ambition & envy.
They became distant, unfriendly.
That's when ambition got sad and cried plenty.
Her indignation roused,
She wanted more than what she had found with ambition.
He was always looking and only got what he was given,
Concerned not with what his hands held,
But what they could be gripping.
He was always chasing never thought to fill the space in,
And envy made him more desperate,
with every pointed conversation.
Always forcing the comparison.
Making him address,
How every time he promised more,
She always ended up with less.

So four firm friends became four fierce forces,
Heading for that awkward stage that precedes most divorces.
Four joint segments of a one bodied party,
Just drifted apart and turned nasty.

But, pride keeps envy at bay.
Ambition helps talent,
Become more than just apparent.

Talent it will flourish,
This will enable pride,
Which quells envy.

You see they should exist side by side,
Because these factors contribute to balance.
Alone pride is often envious of talent.
And yes many have ambition but talent they haven't.
And some have talent and get envious of proud ambition.

And so alone
These four friends came to realise,
How without the others,
They're just a quarter of what they ought to be,
Still everything occurs accordingly.
But now when they meet up the conversation seems to flow awkwardly.

So they're just living separate lives,
Thinking there used to be,
More to me.

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