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"In the pines, In the pines, where the sun don't shine. I'll shiver the whole night through."

(There's music to go with the post at the bottom!) I can't believe this is over a year ago now. What is happening?! Emily and I took a trip to Bulgaria last summer to visit our best mate, Simona. She's such a babe! Her family were amazing, accommodating us, feeding us traditional Bulgarian food and in good Bulgarian custom their 60% peach booze. Offt, that really kicks as it goes down to say the least! Like vodka on fire. As I was coming down with tonsillitis we headed to the mountains for Grandma Zahova. It couldn't have been more perfect timing. I was sick and she was just like my Ama. The language barrier was real, we could barely exchange hellos, but there was a beautiful air of understanding just in body language and facial expressions. How amazing is that, through generations and past speech we had a means of communication. And of course, the grand kids translating.

Grandma Z, (or Baba as I prefer to call her!) pushed Simona to take us tea picking. We clung to the side of the mountains in this gorgeous picturesque setting. Walking the trails we stopped intermittently to harvest fluffly purple flowers. I still have these back at my parents place, such a distinct floral flavour. It really soothed my throat! Baba's always know best. She spoilt us rotten with feasts of delicious food. She wanted to fatten us up and it was working. She made stuffed aubergines with tomato & grilled cheese, cheese filo pastries, home made strawberry jam, courgette bake, pancakes. Everything. There's no OOTD for the mountains, it was either extreme layering up or freeze! 

Being shown around by locals is the best way to see any country. It's like BG knew we we're coming. We even got the total black out that happens every year. We tried to play cards by torchlight, that'll be a story for the grand kids. I've never had an experience like this and I urge you to make friends with internationals at uni and swap playing tour guide. It's so enriching to discover another culture. Her Grandmother's place was built by her Grandfather years ago and the house remained the same. The people in the village that came to enjoy their summer houses, remained the same. And the means of communication within the village... stayed.the.same. It was HILARIOUS! Baba was getting ready for a party one evening. (Yes, she went out and partied while we sat internetless and disconected) When her friend was ready to go, she screamed out of her window and up the street! To which Baba hobbled to her kitchen window and screamed back. "YESSSSS."  I've never seen anything like it. We love you Baba.

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