Travel | The Vietnamese Boarder


When I was travelling back from Australia this summer, I had a 2 hour lay over in Vietnam. It wasn't as long as I wanted to stay, but that was enough time to get some Pho. Aw yeah! But before I could do any of that I had to go through security and check in at the transfer desk. I decided I wouldn't let on to speaking Vietnamese. The two stereotypical Asian women behind the desk asked where I was going. "Gatwick - London"  And where are your bags? "On their way to London!"  No they replied, you need to pick your suitcase up yourself in Saigon. Then you check them back in. I started to panic. Scratch that, I was freaking out! I have just over an hour before my flight, ohhhh... ****. The lady at the desk told me to hold on. She was going to call up and chase after my luggage. Awesome, thank you!

So as I'm standing at the desk anxiously waiting for some news, I decided to listen in on her phone call. The Vietnamese conversation began normally, but then she started telling her friend down the phone about her new dress. "Oh girl, it's so cute! You have to come over to transfers, we've got banh trang (sweets)!"  My heart was racing, I don't have time! Her conversation went on, for a while. My heart began to pound and my hands we're shaking. 

"Urmm, excuse me Chi! Where's my suitcase?!" Shocked and speechless she turned to her colleague. She was mind blown, literally. "How does this black girl speak Vietnamese?!" That was a game changer. Luckily speaking Viet, I suddenly earned some respect and she finally got to looking for my stuff. Or rather, she could no longer pretend she was! I waited nearly an hour for her to source my giant rucksack, while the strange glances and curious glares continued.. Cheers girl, get me back to London. I walked with my shoulders back and head high into departures and continued mind boggling people. It's not a common language for people to learn, so it's like a party trick whenever I'm out with my family hahaha.

The total journey home took me over 34 hours. Yeah I was stanky when I got home hahaha. 4 planes and stopped in Dubai, Singapore, Saigon and finally London! Woo! 


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