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What to show a Londoner in Cardiff? An intimidating thought initially, but hidden treasures are easily found. When you walk around the city, you feel the buzz of an upcoming Capital ready to burst. The enticing smells and excited chatter seep from all the new eateries that line the glittering walkways. There were many a temptation along the way, but we had set our destination. Grazing Shed for super tidy burgers. I got the Veggie Hell fire hippie £7.95. Stuffed with rich, creamy avocado mash and a tangy jalapeno infused sour cream. I loved the combination of Caribbean heat and spice with the cooling neutral avo. It wasn't quite a hell fire as much as a small garden fire, but we know this is a problem I commonly face. (Got hot sauce in my purse, kind of girl.) Give us an extra slice of lettuce and we've got smiles all round! Worth a visit, for a chilled evening.

  1. (Wales) Expression of positive agreement, usually in reply to a question.

The Grazing Shed,
 37 St Mary St, 
South Glamorgan,
CF10 1AD

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