Opsoc | Chinese New Year & Pancake Day


It's an obvious mash up, isn't it?! Dragons and pancakes, a clear cut mix. It went down a treat with Pat and Ankit our seasoned pancake flippers. You can see by all the enthusiasm exuding from Pat's pink spatula pose, that it was a great day! Pancake day is a marked one in the calendar for optoms & lecturers alike. Whether your sweet or savory, we got chu. My dragon made an appearance in the atrium too! I could see it's authenticity questioned in the passing glances of the Asians, it's real. I swear! The peanut cookies and pandan cupcakes we're home made and I quote 'taste better than they look.' A back handed compliment maybe, but a compliment non the less. Hahaha!

Happy Year of the Monkey!

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