Opfest | Dinner & Awards


The weekend finished with a stuffing at Red Hot Buffet, a lovely meal fuelled with wine and an array of food. The whole downstairs was dominated by optoms dressed to impress with celebrations imminent. We ate and chatted and the ceremony began. Aston University won the football tournament, the dodge ball was an incredible 3 way tie to Anglia, Aston and Cardiff! Then we stormed ahead winning both the rugby and netball... making Cardiff Optic Cup Champions 2016!!!

This is the 1st time Cardiff has ever won the Optic Cup! (Ulster forgot to bring the cup with them from Ireland... you had 1 job Ulster! Haha) What a huge success the weekend was and an awesome end to Opfest! A massive congratulations to the sports secretaries who pulled off an event to remember and shared by Optoms students nationally! Of course to all of the sponsors that supported the event too. 

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