Walks | Bute Park ... SQUIRREL!


When I'm feeling down, sometimes I'm at a lost of what to do. Twiddling thumbs generally doesn't help. Getting outside, walking around and soaking up some essential vitamin D usually does the trick and gives me a little boost. Paying attention to detail whilst walking around the gorgeous gardens of Bute Park with my camera was the perfect fix. We've been blessed in Cardiff this week, with temperatures soaring up to a massive 10 degrees. That's right people, you read it here first. Summer is officially here! If you know Wales at all, you know there's not a second of sunshine you can afford to miss! 

Living in Cardiff all this time, I never knew there was a balance trail in the park! T took me to where the obstacles were nestled behind the fields of green. We took off our coats and took to the fencing podium. Of course there were no swords, just hands. Gladiator... ready! Contestant... ready! He annihilated me, but I got a couple lucky punches in there, somewhere haha!

We stopped to watch a group of people eagerly snapping away, with their cameras aimed into the trees. I was curious, I was here with my camera too! What's the subject?! They quickly told us about their squirrel watching hobby and shared some of their nuts with us, in true squirrel spirit. It was amazing, we shook the monkey nuts in their shells to get their attention. Before long there were 5 darting around us, curious and hungry. So adorable ahh!

"Quick! Switch to sports mode! Snap, snap, snap!"

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