Bike Rides & Camera | The time I learnt to ride


Getting out of the city every once in a while is so important for me. Some days I really miss my country strolls. I used to live deep in the heart of the valleys. A place where each morning smelled strongly of cow poop (manure) and the sheep bleated as you rose. Now there's something a little adorable that negated the methane wake-up calls. I'm sure I was a fish or something aquatic in a past life because being near water is just so soothing for me! I love the gentle ripples of the surface and the swooshing sounds it makes against the shore. If you look hard enough and cycle far enough, you can be transported away from urban life... just like that.

We trailed down from the city centre and taking breaks for honey roasted peanuts and water, we passed lots of active locals along the way. I never thought I'd be the one passing by, by bike. I couldn't cycle a 2 wheeler until I was 10 years old. That's right. We had a cycling proficiency course at the end of Primary school and they we're teaching us the basics for safe riding on the roads. Wearing our ppe, helmets etc and signalling for vehicles on the road. This would have all been fine and dandy, if I wasn't just beginning to ride a bike! So, you can kind of imagine it. A more than chubby Erica, (rocking out with my fro of course) struggling to keep balance on my brand new flashing bike, jiggling and falling. Falling and jiggling, it must have been hilarious. From the other side haha!

Needless to say, I eventually learnt how to cycle without any aids, extra wheels or hands! I even cycle without people laughing at me now, which I must say is awesome. Haha, oh my fat days, I'll have to write all about that soon! Cardiff Bay is undergoing a transformation I think. We passed a little cafe in a shipping container that looked like something out of fall out! It was pretty cool, shame it was closed. Will definitely be going back for that. Some pensive art and more street food pop ups, a gorgeous day. Enjoy the many snaps,

Until next time... xo

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