Lifestyle | Cardiff World Half-Marathon


Wow, Wales really is on the map this year huh! There was such an amazing atmosphere and buzz in Cardiff last weekend, as runners from all over the globe gathered for the half-marathon. Lucai and I walked into the city centre to catch the claxon start! The sheer amount of people that lined the streets spectating and those that adorned their trainers and costumes were incredible. Spanning 13 miles around Cardiff, the race saw the likes of Mo Farah head towards the bay, back looping around Roath park lake and through the student-ville that is Cathays. Finally finishing in the civic centre, a grand end for a huge feat.

We tried to spot our friends from the get go, but it was near impossible. Instead we enjoyed the myriad of colourful costumes streaming by. Cutting through Bute park and the castle grounds, we met up with the athletes storming by. Yes there we're so many people, that they actually beat us around Cardiff... the long way! We basked in their celebrations before reaching Cathays. Lucas got a well deserved spectators burger and suddenly we found ourselves caught in torrential down poor. We sought shelter since we we're meters from home, how blissfully convenient. Not long after, the main body came stampeding through the terrace and I ran out to catch them! It was just insane, over 100 runners a minute passing into town where they received their medals, t-shirts, water and banana from the Staff volunteers! Even a free pie with every medal flash at Pieminister! Raising somewhere over £2.1 million for charity and putting Cardiff well on the map globally. A massive congratulations and maybe I'll even see you at the start line in my kicks this October....

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