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Twitter is such an amazing platform to meet people. I was looking around at bloggers local to Cardiff and new eateries. Little did I know that I'd meet this lovely lady and what's more, have so much in common! We decided we had to meet, of course over some food and have a little chat.

Nok has an awesome food, fitness and lifestyle blog. Click here to check it out! We met in Cathays with a certain cafe in mind. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite what we we're craving for, we saw Sorrento's and it hit the money! From down the street the cafe looked cosy, homely and fresh. We weren't disappointed, a family run restaurant with a very welcoming vibe. We took a table and exchanged pleasantries. It wasn't long before we we're laughing, joking and scheming up ideas. Nothing too crazy, just food. And lots of it, how we could cook it, how we could teach others and more importantly how we could do it better. We aren't arrogant, just passionate. Bouncing off each other the ideas just didn't stop and we can't wait to get going!

So back to Sorrento's, we puzzled over the menu. Both being super foodies, we didn't know where to start! Are you guys the same, just staring at the menu for a good 10 minutes and still not knowing which one to go for? Nok started with a creme brulee late (or was it salted caramel.. my bad, I've forgotten) and I got the pumpkin spiced. Needless to say I was jealous of Nok's drink. I mean, it was towering with cream, something to envy. I ate the avocado stacker, which was just what I was craving. Something fresh, you can't beat a classic egg and smoked salmon brunch right? The smashed avocado was lovely, so light yet creamy. It needed a little salt and pepper for my tastes and they we're out ready on the table which was great! Nok had the breakfast burger, but being so tiny, she could barley finish it! It was huge! I'd highly recommend Sorrento's, great value, lovely staff and gorgeous decor.

We obviously planned to meet up again and Sorrento's actually messaged Nok to come back and try a burger.. on them! I was lucky enough to be Nok's plus one for the day, woop. You can read about that soon, the burger had a turkey dinosaur on top! You really have to see it to believe it! Hahaha :)

90 Salisbury Rd, 
CF24 4AE

Until next time xo

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