Ohana | Mario Maker wii u


Back in the day, when my gen spent every holiday at Hoa Ma's (grandma's) we gamed constantly. Game cube, Game boy, Nintendo 64 and the time old classic PS1. From Tekken to Time crisis, Tetris, Bust a move and Donkey Kong.  I never thought I'd know the day that I wouldn't know how to differentiate between consoles. My munchkin (baby bro) is a mad gamer, actually the two of two of them are. He talks mostly in game lingo, so I have a job keeping up. His latest favourite is Super Mario Maker, on the Wii U. At first I didn't see any difference in having what seemed like just an enlarged controller. But actually it's pretty awesome. You have a touch-pad and controller in one, more over though a second screen! I'm blown away, that's pretty awesome. 

Since he's been gaming as long as he's been able to hold his head up without help, he's pretty hardcore. The levels he's created using the maker is just insane, he had to show me the ropes on a few. It's a really creative game and if you enjoyed the extensive Mario series and ever wanted to create your own, well this is it! I'd describe it as a Mario meets Minecraft mash-up. Your able to create landscapes, obstacles, drop in enemies... maybe a cheeky Lakatu. Or munchkin's favourite, Piranah plants! I probably shouldn't call him munchkin, for his ages he's pretty dang clued up. They surprise me sometimes, my bro's are pretty mature given their youthful exteriors! I didn't get long enough playing out some of the other maps made globally, he's hand picked a bunch for us to play! Yeah, I'm probably going to suck but hey.. I got a pro on hand.

Unfortunately when I was helping out at Christmas doing the Santa rounds; we we're told that we needed insurance. Ah, that one! "Usual practice" type thing. Well, if we hadn't taken it out, they said a broken controller would mean replaced the whole console. You can't buy extras, they aren't sold separately and only connect to one Wii U hub. That kinda sucks, really sucks. Especially as it isn't advertised anywhere, but hey ho. If you decide to get one, the maker is every Mario fans dream.

Until next time... xo 

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