Shake It Off | We've got marketing materials!


Everything starts to feel all that more real when you can feel it! And oh ma gosh do I love feeling it. I've touched up this banner too many times than we'd like to admit, hahaha. Weirdness aside, we love our new marketing materials. We've got a massive banner, which we've called Phillip. Everybody say hello to Phillip Banner! He's our latest member to the team. I shall introduce the lovely new ladies in a future post! We also received our 5000 leaflets, so beware Cathays... we're coming for you! Look out for these and if you see them lying around, distribute a few amongst your friends! Who knows when they'll need a place to shake it. There's no better place to do it, than with us. Ft. moves like 'the nipple twister' it's all fun and games. We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither should you! What do you guys think of our leaflets and have you seen us shaking in our teaser vids?!

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