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Hello! I'm so excited to introduce you all to The Neighbourhood! It's an amazing student community currently being finished in Cardiff. I can't believe how much the city has grown over the last few years, it's really incredible. Cardiff is so diverse, from a humble and quaint Welsh capital, it also exudes the characters of an edgy, modern cosmopolitan city... a.k.a the place to be. With the addition of all these new eateries, attractions and the huge Wales tourism campaign this 2016, the standard of student living has increased. Giving rise to the luxurious 'live, study, enjoy' campaign from 
The Neighbourhood. 

Here's my man Will Smith (from Shark's Tale) Giving you the low down of the suites,

New and unique student accommodation coming to a central town location, it's more than just student digs. Admittedly the most exciting part of heading to uni is moving out. The freedom, oh lord the freedom! You'll want a cool place, somewhere close uni, to shopping, your local and of course, everyone else. Yup, choosing home is a big one. You want a place where you can chill with your friends, invite them for pre's and it'll be comfy, cosy and classy. You'd have dinner together, sit around the table having study-snack sessions. Ah yeah, some almonds or tortillas and guac right? What's your snack? Just steps away you can steam in your private hot shower, wash they day away and refresh. Grab a cuppa, roll back the fluffy duvet, (maybe even light a cheeky candle, who knows...) sink into your bed and chuck on some Netflix, and chill. 

When I went to visit the showroom I was truly in awe. Walking in from the vibrant City road into the peaceful nirvana was such a breath of fresh air (despite the rest of the building, still literally a building site!). Natalie, my liaison at The Neighbourhood, offered me a cup of tea and I was quick to oblige. She told me a few more details about the complex, their plans and what was to happen next. Let me tell you guys, all good things. Oh my. Seeing is believing so stay tuned for a vlog tour soon! I've asked some friends to come cameo for a moving in party, so exciting!

There are 54 studios in the block, with 7 accessible studios too. Whether your a lone bird, or must stay part of a wolf pack you have your choice of private studios, dual occupancy for you couples shacking up or best buds living the bff/bro dream team! If you can't live without the whole gang, then the 4 beds are for you. That's right, they've covered all bases. Natalie put a real emphasis on security, comfort and community. Having experience in private student accommodation, Natalie stressed the importance of making a connection with the residence. Getting to know them on a first name basis, hanging out and having an idea of their goings on. Having made friends with an international student previously, Natalie was told how he missed "Sitting around in the evenings, sharing dinner together." and "Reflecting on his day." Very important parts of our daily routines and for our vitality! The neighbourhood as the name suggests, is a home away from home. My favourite bit? You even get sent a birthday card , awww! Just too sweet. 

I have so much to tell you about;

the location
grab & go
study rooms
night staff
24/7 maintenance
en suites.

 but as I told the guys from The Neighbourhood, I just couldn't wait to see it! I'm sure you guys feel the same, seeing is believing and just wait until you see the virtual tour... 

Until next time.. xo

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