Arts | Lucas's Warhammer


Lucas is a huge Warhammer painter and I didn't realise the intricacy of these models. First the whole character is given a black base coat (In Lucas's case at least) Then the layering begins. This went on over a series of, weeks I would say! Watching this thing grow and develop was so amazing, I wasn't really sure when he was going to stop! If you can see all the shading and detail that went into this figurine, you'll realise the amount of love that went into this gift for his friend. D'aww friendship, yass!! Using candle light to get into every nook and cranny, there are at least 15 different coloured paints for this model alone. 

When a bunch of us went to meet his parents last year, they showed us the mass collection that was the Warhammer shed. Yes, you read that right. An entire shed devoted to hours of painting and craftsmanship. Do you guys paint any figures?  Tweet me your photo's! @spinachandspecs

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