Breakfast Inspiration


My Aunty came to visit from the States recently and it's been a damn long time since we've seen her! She's a powerful woman, like all the women in my family strong and determined. Never failing with advice, she had so many wise words being the eldest sister of her siblings. This means utmost respect in Asia. The family loved having her here and she even brought Rice krispy treats over!! (She's a baker, so yeah, you can imagine they we're delicious!) I'll post some photos of our trip soon. Anyway, this breakfast inspo is dedicated to her because we spoke a lot about nutrition and focus. Aunty told to stop being so damn fancy and just grab a boiled egg, banana, toast, an orange & go! She told me the story she used to read to her children everyday, about the little blue train that could. Being as far from patronising as possible she told me about his struggles from the children's book. I kinda want to read the book now, although the plot has been revealed.

No matter how old the little blue train got, or how tired. Everyday he got up and he told himself, yes I can. Yes, I can. Seems a bit obvious and a little juvenile, but the power of the mind is amazing. Everything begins with a positive outlook and the right mindset. You've got to train yourself to see the cup as half full, but once you realise that it is... it becomes a whole lot easier! Morning everyone, have a good day.

Until next time... xo 

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