Chilling: Cheese & Wine A La Lucai LIDL


This dude does nothing by halves. He said he fancied some red wine and a little cheese. He came back from LIDL with a freaking cheese board plus crackers. I was never one for a cheese board, I'm more of cheesecake kind of girl or give me an Eton mess. So it was awesome to sit down and try some together. Paired with a lovely wine, we sipped and snacked. A great selection of stinky yellows, we tried a gorgeous apricot cheese. Which was sweet, fruity and a fantastic contrast. This in a cranberry version, was really nice but nothing on the apricot! Have you ever tried black pepper cracked cheese, it was lovely and had a little kick. It was a lovely compliment to the red wine.
Lucai's favourite cheese of all of course: is the cheese that is made backwards. *BA DUM TSS*
I'm just gna leave you on that one. ;)

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